It is expected that data will be submitted in the month after the examination took place.While submissions can be accepted until the last day of the month, please be aware that in order for data to be included in the monthly publications produced by NHS England, and to appear in iView, data submissions must be received by the NHS Digital no later than the 26th of the month.

There is no requirement to make a 3 month rolling submission. The requirement is only to submit one month of data, with updates where there has been an increasein the quality of the data submitted - for example if more data has become available since the initial submission.

It is not possible to submit data which is more than 3 months old (without special arrangement via the collections team - seft.team@nhs.net). A file submitted in August, for example, that contains details of examinations that occurred in April or before, will be rejected.

If you have any queries about which data can be submitted at which time please contact the data collections team.