Guidance for Data Submitters


To obtain access to this system you will need to contact NHS England via as you need to complete a Data User Certificate.

We're available 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Bank Holidays).

Part of the process of registering for DID will be the creation of a Single Sign-On user account for NHS England. When you are invited to join the system, if you don't already have one, you will be taken through the process of creating a Single Sign-On user account. If you'd like to create this account separately from the invitation process then click here to request a SSO account.


As part of the new validations described below, you will only see the first 200 warnings generated for each submitted file. Please be assured that all records are being validated in the same way and the limit on warnings displayed is to avoid any performance issues when large lists of warnings are generated.

From the 17th December 2014 the Referrer Code field will undergo more detailed checking upon submission. The data you submit must conform to one of the acceptable formats for Referrer Code, if not the system will convert it to ‘99’ which indicates the value submitted was invalid. The system will generate a warning for every invalid Referrer Code value. We will be monitoring the level of invalid data by trust and you should take action to clean your own data before submission.

After a period, invalid Referrer Codes will result in an error being generated and your submission will be rejected. We will give you advance notice before making this change in the system. Full details of the acceptable formats for Referrer Code are available in our updated Guidance Notes. Please scroll down to the link under 'Resources for Submitters'

Resources for Submitters

Guidance Notes

XML Schema Specifications Pack

Information for Patients

If your organisation currently returns data to the Diagnostic Imaging Dataset, as mandated by ROCR and Monitor then as part of this data return, you have a responsibility to inform patients of this use of their data.  Please find below a package of products to support you to do that:

1. A letter to you from Professor Erika Denton, National Clinical Director for Imaging

2. A patient leaflet, which can be printed and left in suitable areas (when printing, set to ‘print on both sides’ and ‘flip on short edge’)

3. Suggested wording that you could incorporate into notices in prominent areas

4. Suggested wording that you could use on standard letters or forms

Patient Withdrawal of Consent

If a patient does not consent to their information being held in DID, the Healthcare Provider is responsible for preventing their information being submitted to NHS England. Previous submissions of the DID are held by NHS England. As such, the patient should be directed to contact the NHS England directly via if they wish register their withdrawal of consent for previous submissions.


1. How do we get the required data out of our RIS?

You will need to run an extract using the statistical programme associated with your RIS. In some cases your RIS supplier will have set up this query for you, to extract the data required for this return. You should check this with your RIS supplier. For other systems you may need to initially design a query yourself, which you can then run each month, and simply change the dates for the data required.

2. Where do we submit this data?

You will submit data to this website. Registered Submitters can click the Submissions tab above.

3. In what format do I need to submit the data?

Ideally as .xml, however we understand that not all systems have the capability to do this at present, therefore until April 2014 you will also be able to submit data in. csv format. Please see the guidance notes for more details about this.

If submitting the data as .xml it will need to comply with the xml schema. Please see the guidance notes for more details.

4. How often do we need to submit data?

You will need to submit data on a monthly basis. The first data we require you to submit is for all tests that had a "date of test" that occurred in April 2012. We will require you to submit this data in mid-May (an exact date is yet to be confirmed).

Following this initial submission, you will be required to submit data every month.

The requirement is only to submit one month of data, with updates where there has been an increase in the quality of the data submitted - for example if more data has become available since the initial submission.

There is no longer a requirement to make a 3 month rolling submission.

5. Will we be able to see the data we have submitted?

You will be sent a receipt for the data you have uploaded. You will be able to view submitted data through NHS Digital's reporting tool, iView. It provides aggregate views of data based on a set of common attributes. As such, no patient identifiable data will be displayed.

The Data Quality Maturity Index is a new quarterly publication intended to raise the profile and significance of data quality in the NHS by providing data submitters with aggregated information about their data quality. It displays data for all submitters and covers other submissions as well as DID. The first publication is a start point set to engage the health system in the quality of core data items. A copy of the index is held at:

6. How do I find out what my provider site code is?

You can find this out by visiting NHS Digital's Organisation Data Service.